Installation of a Central Vacuum System in your home provides the major benefit of a more powerful vacuuming system experience. The electric motor can be 5 times more powerful and the noise level much lower than a portable vacuum. There is no need to drag or carry a canister bag full of dirt around the house with you while you try to vacuum. Vacuuming shouldn't be annoying it should be simple and efficient. With Central Vacuum its a easy breezy chore. The electric Motor and Debris container are normally placed in a garage or storage room where it is plugged into a dedicated circuit ran from your electric panel.

There are many accesories to select from. Electric Powerheads, brushes, hoses, under floor sweeper,  there is an attachment for every need. The Drainvac system is both for water and dry vac which is the top of the line and has huge versatile. We also have access to central vacuums for allergy sensitivity and pets. We have a central vacuum for every budget and situational need. A central vacuum system also will add market value to your home. Give 3 Palms Electric a call for your free estimate and let vacuuming become fun again!